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Is It Worth Investing is SEO in 2023

To answer any question of uncertainty bothering you as a business owner on whether SEO remains or maintain possibilities to be a viable marketing strategy in 2023, or whether it is necessary to invest your hard-earned money on SEO, this article provides details on the significance of investing in SEO.


Let’s cut to the chase - yes, it is necessary to invest in SEO in 2023 and beyond considering that the internet is always transforming. Since its inception, SEO has been a link between knowledge-hunting individuals to targeted information through a network of personalized, accessible, and engaging content media.


SEO is fast becoming a preferred marketing tool as the years count and it is advised and necessary that business owners invest in SEO. You might be wondering why the content of your website always finds it difficult to be located on the first age of Google search results, or your website is not engaging enough for visitors, the reason is that you are not tapping into the benefits that SEO will offer your website or business. The benefits that would be derived from the investment will later worth the time, energy, and money. 

Are You Ready to Get Loved by Google?


SEO simply connotes Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization makes online content to be positioned above others when relevant keywords are input in search queries. SEO is also known as organic listing, that is an unpaid section where contents are raised to top the list on a search engine. When there are numerous contents on a particular topic then the search engine shows the top results for the keyword/phrase that is being searched, it therefore signifies that those top contents have been optimized. SEO contents are those that are carefully created to include focus keywords, links to related content, and user-friendly. SEO can be hard and time-consuming but with the right technological and professional skills, you can set up your SEO focused website. 


Based on researched statistics, 61% of contents that tops the search and generates the lead are SEO contents. It is also based on the fact that SEO is becoming a leading marketing tactic. When your website content is designed along with the purpose of SEO, there are several benefits that you derive from this.


SEO advances the most appropriate results on the search engine when users input their questions. Google and Bing take the lead among some search engines available. Therefore, SEO content battles to top the list out of other related content. Relevance is one thing that SEO will generate and mandate for your content and website.


Search Engine Optimization also guarantees the high visibility of your content and website to the search engine - to have a successful website, you need to create SEO friendly designs and content. SEO allows you to build topics and contents to get your website optimized. SEO also makes ready your website to fit into what the search engine would require by making required modifications to your website. With SEO you can trust that your website and content would not get locked up or hidden but would be exposed and noticeable.


The high recommendation comes to play when the relevance and visibility of your website and content are in place. Every business wants to rank high and come highly recommendable especially when it comes to the online marketing structure. 81% of online shoppers will like to go online before making any shopping decision.


For the business that creates high-quality contents online, search engines will generate targeted organic traffic for the website based on the search intents. When your content can make it successfully to the first page of Google or Bing when relevant keywords and phrases are input, the ecstasy of it comes when you generate much traffic for your website. By improving on SEO therefore, the search engine understands your website so that your content can be recommended in search results that include keywords from your content.


Another importance of SEO is credibility. Unpaid or organic result listings come highly trusted by people. A lot of people would prefer scrolling past the most paid ads because people have come to trust unpaid ads. This is why you need to place attention on investing in SEO for it generates credibility for your website and content. SEO is the key when it comes to the integrity of any online content. For a small business, it is advisable to employ SEO as a promotion platform to build credibility. Your business will need to pass such stage and once you can get ranked on top searches, you will in turn build a positive public reputation for your business and website. The more the credibility and trust, the more you ensure the stay and authority of your website


Unlike other online marketing channels like PPC or Email Marketing, SEO is affordable and lower in price to acquire. Traffic generated to your website through SEO is free. But because the organic traffic is free, it does not diminish its quality in any way. The goal of SEO is to grant free clicks through organic results, so you are not charged for every click to your website. You can therefore improve on SEO considering that it is lower to maintain. Whenever your content appears at the top of any search result, you can trust a lower cost of acquisition. SEO is one of the best cost-effective marketing strategies. It can improve and increase conversions and sales as your business gets noticed if you keep your website updated.


SEO is an investment for the future. Since it is a long-term strategy, you can also expect a long-term result from your investment. Website owners should be aware that adopting SEO does not interpret to immediate effects. There is no magic about it, but the result of your investment will show forth later on.


It should also be known that SEO will not go into extinct any time soon, so the need to implement an SEO plan for your website. The monetary results from SEO will take time but you will surely enjoy the long-term relevance and visibility for as a final result. SEO will serve you for years and you will gain the worth of your time, money, and energy. It is a long-term business decision and a valuable investment to improve your brand, so take time and consider it well. 


The helpfulness of SEO in 2023 is reportedly increasing. Google as a foremost search engine has provided some ranking pillars to make your SEO get high evaluation especially in 2023. With these pillars, all-round website design is needed. They are high-quality content, unlimited user interface, and website authority.


Content that will be optimized must be of high quality as Google is set to get rid of spam in search results. Only relevant and high-quality content will beat the competition of Google's first-page ranking. SERP contents will be those that are not based on quantity but quality. Content that broadly the users' questions and relates to the index in search queries will make the competition. Website authority is built with top and high-quality content. This can in turn translate to ranking top in Google's organic listings.



The mastery of SEO practice in 2023 seemingly differs from what holds before the year and it is safe to say that change is not new to SEO over the years. There have been remarkable changes to the practice of SEO in 2023 but this does not affect SEO's worth as an investment. SEO utterly introduces new sets of ideas and challenges. Content creators and website owners must flow with this trend to maintain relevance in search queries. To get the right and long-term results from SEO, content creators should employ the right approach that is tenable in 2023.


Search engine like Google has introduced new tweaks and algorithms to make Search Engine Optimization more competitive. Therefore, more content would have to input their best to vie for the first page of Google search results. New SERP elements and updates by Google is creating an opportunity for more SEO to show up in search results. They include featured snippets, related questions, knowledge panels, site links, reviews, tweets image packs, voice search, video results, among others. These new procedures introduced by Google are a way to rid-off poor quality content and ensure the stay of high-quality content, image, and video SEO.


The relevance of high –quality content in 2023 to stay abreast of search results and queries cannot be overstressed. Since Google works as an answering machine, users can head to the search engine or other search engines to get the most relevant and helpful content to answer their search. Website owners and content creators must place a priority on creating high-quality, engaging and useful content to rank in Google searches. By high-quality standards, your content must be adequately researched, creative, and informative.


By featured snippet, Google displays a summary of an answer to a search query. Featured snippets come to top paid and organic search results ads. This is a new trend that is making waves in the SEO digital marketing strategy. For your content to get a place in the featured snippets, content creators are to direct their content to question-based search keywords and queries. The section from "people also ask" is an in-depth section to get likely answers to include in your content. The featured snippet algorithm has proven that recent and upcoming SEOs are based on user intent.


This is a trend for SEO that Google introduced in 2019 and it is still relevant in 2023. BERT is used to process natural language by processing words in relation to all other words in a sentence. With the BERT update, Google can process and understand the full context and intent of a word to include it in search results. SEO writers who utilize BERT models would increase their chances of ranking on the first- page of featured snippets in Google SERP. Google now provides mire answers for search requests, this is a call to content writers to target SEOs for clean aesthetics and delivery.


Website owners must not ignore voice search queries as it is also becoming a major part of the 2022 trend in SEO. Therefore, contents and keywords must be created to fit into voice search queries and most importantly, SEOs must create a local SEO since most voice searches are from local searches.



It is not without doubt that mobile SEO will continue to be trendy in 2022, so website owners need to invest in this strategy. You will get high optimization when you pay attention to mobile search queries because most people engage with mobile search. Business owners are to design their website to be first mobile-friendly before moving to the desktop-compatibility. If you have to invest in SEO in 2023, ensure you focus and optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. The mobile performance gives more chances for website priority. Improving your mobile UX matters to stay above.


Whether new trends continue to enter the practice of SEO, it should be known that SEO isn't going anywhere. Hence, dedicating a considerable amount of time, energy, and money to design and customize your website will be necessary. Small businesses can employ SEO as a viable marketing tool. It offers great benefits like generating traffic on your website, fostering trust and credibility for your website, an online relevance, and recognition.


Though changes are introduced by search engines to improve SEO, it has not discontinued the effectiveness of SEO as a worthwhile digital marketing tool. The attention should be placed on the fact that SEO is a long-term strategy that brings long-term results. And, as you invest in this long-term marketing campaign, it will also be useful on your part to stay updated with new procedures especially form a search engine like Google. 

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