Strategy Development

It stands for itself that every company doing business online would like to rank well and be on the first page of Google Search. It is pretty tough to get there, especially with the level of competition that is out there. This process is a sequence of actions that requires a lot of patience, resources and time.

Most importantly, it requires a sound  SEO strategy with a detailed description of steps to take and changes to make in order to get the most of your SEO campaign.

We create a strategy of directions to go as well as adjustments to make in case something does not go the right way. Our advantage is that you get to see the very blueprint of the future campaign along with the results to expect. 

Keyword Research, Content Strategy and Copywriting

Any website content heavily relies on the keywords it is composed of. We believe that the very core of engaging, traffic-generating content is a deep and critical understanding of website's business model, products and services, categories that might be more valuable for you etc.

You can expect us to do our due diligence and thorough research to get you a list of the most relevant long-tail keywords that would make a solid basis of the new content.

We are always there to adjust to your business changes and new directions that you are to go. 

Competitive Analysis 

Keep your friends close, but enemies closer. Knowing how to identify your SEO competitors is an important step in your overall SEO campaign. The proper analysis will help you get a better "big picture" view of what strategies to use to overcome your competitors.


Not only you will know the latest trends of the markets, but always be at the frontier of the industry. Our analytical tools will collect, process and present only the necessary information that is vital for your business growth. 

SEO Audits

An SEO Audit is a specific type of report that includes website issues and recommendations based on multiple criteria, like technical SEO, website structure, on-page, usability and user experience.


We provide comprehensive SEO audits that cover both contextual and structural components that affect your website performance and visibility.


At the end of the day, you get a report that calls to action and has a list of efforts associated with each recommendation.