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Amazon Advertising Costs for Your Products - The 2023 Guide


If you’ve spent time online in the last ten years, you know about Amazon. Almost everyone has had a brush with Amazon at some point in their lives, whether they used it to buy that last-minute Halloween costume, stock up on hard-to-carry essentials, or overnighted a forgotten birthday gift. But you may not have as much experience with advertising on Amazon. But don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through advertising on Amazon. 


Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we want to emphasize the importance of setting aside a budget for marketing if you’re selling your product on Amazon. It is easy to list items on Amazon but not always as easy to find customers ready to buy. And if you’re not selling enough on Amazon, it may be a while before you see any profits! This is because Amazon has “minimum sales levels,” you must reach before you see a cut of the profits. 

Are You Ready to Get Loved by Amazon?



You’ll want to ensure you advertise your product to enough customers to get a cut of the products from Amazon. 

Like any other online advertising service, it isn’t free. You need to shell out some dough to ensure your product is seen on Amazon. Don’t worry; plenty of services allow you to get a reasonably close estimate for your advertising costs. 


It’s hard to estimate this cost without specific details. Amazon ads’ cost depends on an individual’s unique circumstances. The prices can vary based on the type of ads you choose, the audience you are looking to reach and how competitive the vertical is that you’re trying to reach. 


This Amazon Ads cost estimator will estimate your costs per click and allow you to set aside a realistic budget and realize your “cost per sale.” 


Like any advertising service, having a keen awareness of who your audience is is crucial to the campaign’s success. Not understanding your audience can be the Achilles heel of your campaign, no matter what service you are using. 


Now, let’s cover the different Amazon ads you can purchase. There are two main categories of Amazon ads: self-serve ads and premium ads.


PREMIUM ADS: Premium ads are similar to display ads, and you’ll usually see them as “banners or side bar ads” These are more akin to traditional advertising. 


Display ads, video ads, audio ads, and custom ads all fall under the umbrella of premium advertising. 


SELF-SERVE ADS: These ads will appear in a user’s search results. These ads cost based on clicks and are similar to the ads you may find on Facebook or Google. These are the most common types of Amazon ads.

Sponsored display ads allow you to reach audiences based on target keywords, “audience interest and shopping behaviors.”


Self-serve ads include sponsored products that will appear as a part of amazon search results. Users will likely view your product as they are searching for similar projects. If you pay for a sponsored product, your ad will appear above the organic search results, and users will likely visit your product page. The amount you might pay for these ads varies based on if users are taking your bait. If searchers do not click on your result, you will not be footing the bill. You’ll want to pay as much as possible to ensure that the most qualified customers see your ads. 


Lastly, similar to sponsored products, you can also use sponsored brands to promote your overall brand more than one individual product. Once a user clicks on your ad, they’ll only see information about your brand, not competitors. 


“On average, Amazon advertisers pay $0.81 for every click on their ad.” 


You can expect to pay a premium if bidding for a very popular keyword! If you’re bidding for a less high-traffic keyword, you’ll pay less, but fewer viewers will see your ad, which may not be a problem if you reach the right audience! 


It is all a trade-off. You need to decide what makes sense for your company. 


While you need to be a little strategic, there are some ways to sway the results in your favor without much strategizing! 


1. Keyword Research:

Researching the right keywords for products can help you reach more leads at a lower cost. 


2. Fine-tune your product listing:

Make sure that your product listing is clear and accurate. This will allow users to find your product and convert to paying customers. 


The cost of advertising on amazon is something to think about, but there is no one correct answer. With any successful advertising campaign, taking the information you get as you go is an integral part of your strategy. You’ll have to adjust to new information you get along the way. 



Florence Wright
Advertising Specialist

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