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YouTube Shorts Ads:

Top Ways to Innovate and Reap Rewards

Short form video in 2024 is the belle of the ball. For a long time, this form of content has been gaining steam as new platforms rise to prominence. Attention spans crave these shorter forms of media. And social media companies are taking note. Almost every social media site has launched some form of short-form video to keep up with the likes of TikTok. 


Instagram and Facebook launched Instagram Reels and YouTube recently launched YouTube shorts which feature short videos that are 60 seconds or less. 


The YouTube shorts is functionally very similar to TikTok. Users can film, edit and upload vertical videos within the YouTube mobile app. Even though the new functionality was just launched, the YouTube shorts player has already surpassed 30 billion daily views (and growing!). You read that right— that’s billion, with a B! 

Ready To Get Loved by YouTube?

Everyone is taking note of the fact that content does not have to be long to be engaging. In fact, sometimes the most engaging videos are ones that are under 10 seconds! 

Now, YouTube has announced they will be adding advertisements to these shorts, which offers marketers an enormous area for potential growth. 

There is a little but of uncertainty about whether or not advertising on these shorts will be a success, as it is a new area that marketers are exploring. 

Everything is a little up in the air right now. 

But YouTube is arguably the most stable of any social media/ video platform. It has been around the longest and will likely more easily withstand any issues that arise. The video behemoth was created in 2005 and boasts over 120 million users daily. 

We don’t know exactly what will happen— but we can say betting on short-form video is as close to a sure thing as you can get. If the success of TikTok and Instagram Reels are any indications, YouTube shorts should be profitable area to expand your advertising efforts

So what should you consider before advertising on YouTube shorts? 

Like any form of advertising or content, you’ll want to know who exactly you’re targeting before you create and place your advertisement. 

YouTube has so many daily users that you can get incredibly specific about the users that you’d like to target. 

YouTube may be a great place to reach older generations who have an aversion to TikTok and Instagram.


YouTube has more cross generation users. It could also be a great place to reach more professional spheres than TikTok typically has on its platform. 

So how can you create ads that are innovative and help you gain customers? 

After you’ve made the decision to advertise on YouTube shorts, you’ll want to make sure you create advertising that fits in with the style of content you're advertising against. 

Otherwise, your ad will stick out like a sore thumb. 

1. Vertical

Just like TikTok, YouTube shorts are vertical videos. You’ll want to make sure any advertising you create is optimized for this format. If you repurpose old materials that weren't created specifically for vertical formatting it will look off and potentially turn off viewers. While you may gawk at the thought of vertical video at first, the truth is that more and more consumers are viewing this content on their phones, where vertical video looks the best. 

2. Fast-Paced

Users these days expect fast-paced content. You really need to grab the attention of your viewers within the first couple of seconds of your advertisement, otherwise they’ll disengage. Even if they can’t skip your ad, mentally they will check out and you’ll lose potential customers/clients. 

3. Authentic

Part of the reason TikTok rose to prominence was the authenticity of the content. It really allowed people to connect in a tangible way with the individuals they were seeing on the screen. Super polished videos no longer have the sway they once did. When we see an ultra polished, incredibly professional video we tend to disengage.

When we see authentic content we feel like we’re a part of it. You can see it from companies who have advertised on TikTok— the style they use there is immeasurably different from how they’d advertise in a television commercial. So make sure you craft your message with authenticity in mind. 

4. Engaging

While the things we mentioned above can help your video to be more engaging, it is also important that the content itself is engaging. If your video feels like an ad, you’ll lose the attention of customers. Try incorporating some of the effects or features that you might see on a TikTok video. Incorporate popular sounds, cool text, maybe try to get an influencer involved if you can. 

While we don’t know exactly what the rewards will be from advertising with YouTube shorts, we know it offers a huge, potentially untapped audience. Just like any new platform it will require some investigating but it is worth creating a strategy to advertise here. 

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