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An Industry-Leading Paid Social Agency

Do you know how many people spend time on Facebook every single day? - Over 2 Billion! This user-base is a enormous marketing opportunity. No matter how large or small your social footprint, Facebook Ads lets you get in front of almost any audience you choose.

However, it’s also easy to waste marketing budgets on ineffective advertising due to wrong targeting, ineffective ad copy, picking the wrong campaign type, and many other common pitfalls. This is generally why businesses don’t see a return on their Facebook Ads investment.

Facebook Marketing Partner

We have the experience and qualifications required to effectively manage your Facebook ad campaigns, period. Other paid social advertising platforms we manage include Instagram, Pinterest, X, and LinkedIn.

Reach Existing Followers & Break Into New Markets

Paid advertising on social media provides opportunities that just aren’t available with other PPC services.

With paid social, you can easily engage with existing followers and reach similar audiences through the vast networks of connections that only exist on social media.

We help you gain access to these connections through customer lists, similar audiences, and cookie tracking.

Accomplish Multiple Marketing Goals With One Solution

Social media advertising can help you sell your product, and it can also do a lot more than that. An Average Joe spends several hours a day on social media. What they see on social media directly affects their physical lives and purchase decisions. We take all of that into account and make this work for you by:

  • Putting together your follower list

  • Engaging users with sponsored posts (likes, comments, shares)

  • Generating website visits

  • Generating leads

  • Promoting sales & coupons

  • Social shopping ads

  • Paid social retargeting

With paid social, we help you accomplish your primary marketing goal (ROI) while also achieving secondary goals and building lasting influence.

Why Do You Need Paid Social Advertising Services?

Custom Audience Targeting

Every social media platform is different: different rules, different user experience, different audience. Success requires familiarity with each platform, and we are certainly familiar with social media (#MillennialLyfe).

Each platform tracks and defines its users differently, which means there are new targeting opportunities on every social media site. For example, LinkedIn provides user targeting options based on professional and career characteristics that are simply unavailable on any other PPC platform. Even Google doesn’t have a good way to define audiences by job title or job role.

Brand & Voice Consistency

Powerful branding requires consistent visuals and messaging on all marketing platforms. This is especially important when you’re advertising on a variety of social media sites–users need to be able to recognize your brand no matter which site they’re on. We know how to balance branding with creating customized ads that fit each platform.


Remarketing on all platforms is crucial for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Paid social remarketing keeps your brand in front of customers and prospects with customer lists, website cookies, and social engagement tracking.

Conversion Tracking

Unlike Google Ads, social media advertising doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics in one click, and many social platforms don’t integrate with third-party sales and reporting tools. An experienced social ad agency will know how to set up tracking for each platform. You’ll get accurate conversion data no matter where you advertise.

Well Put Together and Engaging Ad Copy

While messaging should be consistent across platforms, the same ad copy won’t work for every platform. Well-written ad copy appeals to unique audiences on different social media sites and entices them to take action.

Professional Ad Design

Social media is highly visual – if your ad looks bad or doesn’t stand out, your prospects will scroll right past it. We create professional, eye-catching graphics that send a consistent message across platforms.

Ready To Grow With Us?

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