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Ongoing Link Building: How to Acquire New Backlinks

 There are three things necessary for you to reach the top of SERPs, and these three things include Link building, social media presence, and on-page optimization. We all know that the main goal in the digital world is to be visible. SEO experts make all the efforts in order to get the client’s website to shine among the rest and also be in top search results. To be honest, there is no one who doesn’t want to rank on top in SERPs, related to the relevant industry.

It is a fact that there is no specific recipe to achieve SEO success. However, Link Building has been the center of most of the SEO success stories. The Link Building follows almost the same basic scenario every time. 

It all starts with a new and unique service or product. A perfect website is created, for its presentation and support. Then the procedure starts, competition is studied, keywords are searched, and the most relevant SERPs are selected. Additional content is added, and a whole new concept is created. And a structured inventory of content, that is unique and high in quality. All of these things are considered carefully in order to create a natural inbound links profile.

Are You Ready to Get Loved by Google?


Why is Link Building So Important?

Link Building is the major factor behind the ranking criteria for search engines for ranking web pages. Google says, “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages”  A website with a natural link profile and high-quality inbound links is most likely to be ranked higher by the search engines.

What factors to consider while Link Building?

Some factors that must be considered while link building, are as follows:

Keep it relevant

Make sure that the content is valuable, unique, and most importantly relevant. Never ignore the spelling and grammar you are using in your content, make them up to the mark. When you include well-written content, it helps in constituting an on-page quality signal. And most importantly it will help in attracting more and better natural editorial links.

The use of related linking domains helps in attracting a more relevant audience, moreover, it also establishes the legitimacy of the page. For example, if your page is about cooking, then links from blogs about motorcycles will not work for you.

Watch the numbers

The number of incoming links is important but, the entire “score” will not be a result of only adding the sources linking your page. So, what numbers you need to look out for?

  • Number of linking root domains: That’s a key factor for ranking. It shows the quality and trustworthiness of your content.

  • Number of linking pages: Another major ranking factor, even at times when some links are originating from the same domain.

  • Links from separate C-Class IPs: the number of these links works as the indicator of the natural nature of your backlink profile.

Keep the quality high

Some important ranking factors include the authority of linking domains and linking pages. Using backlinks from the pages which are ranking on the same SERPs will also help in boosting the ranking of your page, for some specific keywords. The word count and quality of the linking content, make a big difference. For example, a link that comes from a high quality 2000+ article will work better than the one that comes from a badly written short article.

Try using links from the top resource’s websites/hubs. This might also help in boosting SERPs.

Incorporate links within the content because the links which are within the content are more valuable than the ones in footnotes, or the side of the page. Moreover, beware of the poisonous anchor text. When a poisonous anchor text is pointed towards your page, it might be a sign of a hacked or spammed site. Such a link can cause harm to your ranking. Look out for the low-quality links, if they are pointing towards your website, try using Webmaster tools like Disavow Tool. It will detect and eliminate the harmful links from Google’s assessment of your web page.

The details, do not neglect them

Links from country-specific top-level (TLDs) can help you boost and increase the ranking of your website in the SERPs from that particular country. The information about Google favoring the pages which support micro formats is somewhat uncertain. But it is a truth that the use of micro formats plays a part in lifting the ranking of web pages in Google searches. Moreover, Google also differentiates between the content from the site-owner and from the site-users. This is very helpful for blogging communities that are large, for example, WordPress and Blogger as it helps in distinguishing between the two types of content (site-owner and user-generated).

How do you run a perfect Sustainable Link Building campaign?

 When you invest your money, time, and resources for putting a link building strategy, you will experience a great boost in search engine competition. However, the sustainability of the campaign must be highly considered. In my opinion, there should be long-term plans and thoughts. So that the new and upcoming brands can also dive into the competition and start with a dominating solid link acquisition campaign. To think short-term is probably unwise.

Before heading to the solutions, one must know the problems that are usually faced.

The problems

There are a few problems related to link building; it is necessary to talk about the problems before giving solutions for them to help you keep your link building less or completely risk-free.

  • The riskiness of content-driven link building

The content-driven link building comes with the issue of being risky. The risk in it is that you create the content without knowing if it is even going to work or is it going to be a flop idea. Neither do you know from where exactly you are going to get links.

  • Investment of time and money

Producing content takes a lot of work and a lot of money also. You will need designers, freelancers, and developers for getting your work done. When you put your time, effort, and money into something you are also desperate to know or at least have a clue about what is going to happen next, is it going to work fine or is it just too risky?

  • Link building campaigns; they start and they stop

A link building campaign starts, then you stop it and work on a new one. that’s the problem with short-term thinking. Why don’t we start thinking about it as an ongoing project and not like something that ends from this date to that?

How to solve these problems?

Now, that you know about the problems, here are the potential solutions to them. Don’t fix or tie your content with some specific events or dates When you have ideas about your content, it’s most likely to happen that you will tie or relate the content with some event or a specific date. Especially when some events are happening in the client’s industry, the content drastically gets related to one specific event.

Now, the main issue here is that when content is strictly tied to a specific time i.e. date or event is that; when content is created around a specific date and then the date has passed and content didn’t work. Now, you have irrelevant content, that is not useful anymore because that specific time to which it was related has passed. Now, in order to avoid this issue what you need to do is, create content that is not directly tied to a specific event or date. For example, you have to create content about Chocolate Day, which is on the 7th of July. You will simply provide every piece of information related to it including how it is celebrated everywhere but, you will not tie it to that very date. You will not mention the date, but every significance that the day comes with.

Now, even when the date has passed, your content will stay relevant. People will be able to search for it when they want to know anything about Chocolate Day. Collect all that link-worthy content What you need to do is; build a bank of all the content that is worthy of linking on your own or your client’s website. Create content and outreach it again and again. You might think that the content process is something like:

                                                   Think > Design > Outreach

But in reality, it is something more than just that. You will have to outreach again and again without stopping. The results will be better than you thought, you will have more content that will be getting links consistently. Now, you will have a big nice bank of content that is getting links for you.

Know the format that works best for you

Lookout and learn about the content format that is working best for your page and for your clients. Here is a very easy and simple way to do so, here is a chart that shows the easiness and hardness of anything, etc. This chart will help you find certain formats that fit in the grid. For example, you will know that doing INTERACTIONS is easy and a win while on the other hand, doing LONG-FORM is also but a fail. This is how you can decide and select the format that you think will work best.

These are all the tips and solutions for helping you in Sustainable Link Building. You can progress and boost the ranking and links by following all of these tips.

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