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One thing most bloggers have in common is the desire to get new contents on their website ranked as fast as possible. Since most search engine users tend to click on contents on the first two or three pages of search results, it is therefore, imperative that you learn the act of getting your contents ranked on Google and other search engines.


Getting new contents ranked faster on search engines is very achievable if you practice the tricks shared in this article. In today's post we will review 10 simple yet effective tips to get new contents on your website rank faster on search engines like Google, Pinterest among others in a short period of time.


So, before we discuss how to rank new contents on your website, let's briefly address why SEO is an important marketing strategy every blogger should practice.

Are You Ready to Get Loved by Google?





Did you know that most people click on the first two pages of search results? And that's exactly why getting ranked on search results is important. Having good contents on your website does not guarantee they will be ranked, what makes the contents and pages on your website rank faster on Google and other search engines is the SEO optimization of your contents.


Ranking contents on search engines require a combination and an accumulation of several strategies and techniques to reach as many audiences as possible, get more engagements and traffic. Being intentional about ranking contents on search engines is important, because the more exposure your contents get, the more organic traffic your website generates.


Search Engine Optimization is an important Marketing strategy that plays a crucial role in getting contents ranked on search engines like Google, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo among several others. Ranking new contents on most search engines in a short period of time might seem impossible, there are however tricks to rank new contents faster on search engines.


So, here are 10 tricks (tips) to rank new contents faster on search engines like Google, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo.


10 Effective Tips to Rank Contents Faster On Search Engines


  1. Sitemaps


One of the most effective techniques of getting your contents ranked quick is to use sitemaps. Using sitemaps is a common SEO trick among bloggers, for example, as it helps to discover and rank new pages faster. A sitemap is a blueprint of the website pages that helps search engines discover URLs on your site.



If your website pages are properly linked, Google (and other search engines) web crawlers can easily discover those and as a consequence - index and serve those faster to your audience.



   2.Use Backlinks


Another effective way of ranking new contents faster is by using internal backlinks to promote them. You can inter link new contents and connect those to already established pages, like your home page, for example.


Next time when you publish a new piece, make sure that you link it to relevant pages that are already generating decent amount of traffic and clicks. This is pretty simple, yet it is a very effective mechanism to increase the authority and trust of your new pages. 



    3. Share Socially


Though this seems like a rather simple tip, it is very important as well. To rank new contents on your website faster always ensure you share them on social media platforms with high domain authority. There is a close relationship between social shares and getting new contents on your website ranked on different search engines.


It is advisable that you share your new contents on platforms like Reddit and Hacker News. This is effective because these platforms generate web links that Google can find and crawl. Sharing contents socially is more effective if you insert links that will take audience back to contents of your website. If you're a blogger and you have underperforming contents, this is a tip you should try out to have a seamless and successful blogging experience.


    4. Insert Keywords


Keywords play indispensable roles in getting your website ranked on search engines. 


You have to be strategic with the way you use keywords. To make the most of keywords in optimizing contents of your website also ensure you conduct a thorough research on high functioning keywords in your website niche.


To identify high functioning keywords, you have to know your audience, know what they are searching for. You can also optimize new contents by ensuring that you target long tail keyword phrases, use different variations, identify areas of opportunity, allow the keywords to drive the content process of your page, adopt different keywords to say the same thing and most importantly leverage on traffic analytics.


    5. Be Specific and Detailed


Findings from different studies in traffic analysis and Google ranking revealed that longer contents get indexed and ranked faster, because they are assumed to have more details on what search engine users are constantly searching for.


Having contents of about two thousand words (2000) to four thousand words (4000) will go a long way in improving your website ranking on Google and other search engines. So, to get new blog posts on your website rank faster, ensure the contents are long enough and they strategically contain keywords that are performing well with high search rate.



    6. Pay Attention to Less Competitive Long Tail Keywords


Long tail keywords are search terms with low search volume. By carefully selecting and using those keywords you will rank your new contents easily and faster because of the high conversation rates these keywords tend to have. Long tail keywords are less competitive; as a result, they get ranked on search engines easily.


Here is how it works, long tail keywords have a more specific audience, and as a result they often have better conversation rates. There are several ways to find long tail keywords that can optimize your contents on your website


You can find long tail keywords by studying Google's related results and using Google autofill, Ubersuggest, the LSI graph keywords generator, Alexa's keyword tool, studying questions generated by users on Quora etc.



    7. Generate Search Clicks


Generating search clicks helps rank keywords on your website. So, generating search clicks instead of linking directly to your URL is also an effective technique to improve your visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.



   8. Load Fast


Pages on your website that have slow load time will hurt your SEO. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website and the page of the new contents you publish loads fast. Once your page speed is optimized your website has more chances of generating exposure and facilitating engagement.


Asides getting ranked, most search engine users do not often have the patience to wait for a web page to load, especially if its loading is taking forever. There are several ways you can optimize the load time of the pages on your website, try to upgrade your hosting plan and get the one that is most suitable for your website.


You can also improve your website load speed by doing the following; enable compression, minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, reduce redirects, remove render-blocking JavaScript, make use of browser caching, improve server response time, adopt a content distribution network, optimize images on your website.



   9. Acquire High Quality Backlinks


With the right backlink strategy in place you can greatly improve your website's rankings, brand awareness and organic search traffic. There are lots of tactics you can use to land quality links. If you're just starting out, we'd recommend focusing on first of all creating linkable assets (pages) that will naturally attract backlinks from external websites. 



     10. Fix Broken Links


Make sure you do not have any broken links as far as your newly created text, since that can damage your website organic rankings faster than you think. Broken links can be difficult to detect sometimes, there are however, easy ways to detect those links on pages of your website.


You can detect broken links by using tools like Dead Link Checker. Constantly ensure that your website has no broken links will go a long way in getting contents on your website ranked in a short period of time.


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Final Thoughts


SEO marketing is a skill that is necessary to learn if you want to make the most of your blogging experience, and that's exactly why we are here to help you understand why SEO is important and how to make the most of it to get your website in front of more eyes.  


Just as shared in this blog post, you don't have to wait a long period of time before you get contents and pages on your website to perform well and get ranked high. So, regardless the niche of your website, the tips shared in this post will be effective only if you practice them. Whenever you are about to publish new contents always ensure the following;


  • Pay attention to Sitemaps


  • Use backlinks to promote new contents


  • Share new contents socially


  • Insert Keywords in your first 100 words


  • Write long and detailed texts


  • Focus on less competitive long tail keywords


  • Generate search clicks


  • Ensure good page load speed


  • Include Guest Post in relevant blogs


  • Ensure you fix broken links.


So, there you have it, 10 effective tips to rank new contents faster on different search engines. Cheers to a successful blogging experience!

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